Shikshan Prasarak Mandal (Since 1967)

Shikshan Prasarak Mandal's Polytechnic Kumathe, Solapur
(Established In 1998)

(Approved By AICTE New Delhi, DTE Mumbai & Recognized By Govt. of Maharashtra & Affilated to M.S.B.T.E. Mumbai)
Grievance Portal

• Students are expected to maintain strict discipline and behave in a dignified manner within and outside the classroom, workshop, library, laboratories, etc and observe the rules prescribed from time to time. Students are also expected to show politeness in outfit and person. Any incidence reported or observed objectionable in conduct within or outside the Institute is liable for disciplinary action.

• It is compulsory for every student to be regular in his/her attendance and should record minimum 80% attendance in the theory and practical of each subject, which is compulsory. 

• It is compulsory for every student to appear for Sessional Tests; Unit Tests and Preliminary Examination conducted by the College; Students who do not appear for these examinations shall not be allowed to appear for the MSBTE Examination.

• Students are liable to read the Notices put up on the Notice Boards of the college. The college shall not accept any responsibility for the loss of any advantage by the student due to his/her failure to read the Notice in time.

• The Class Representative (CR) of all the classes for Academic Year is nominated strictly on Merit Basis as per the rules of the Maharashtra State.

• Ragging of any student in any form and nature within or outside the Institute and Hostel shall result in instant expulsion of guilty students from the Institute. In addition to this, any other action as per Anti-Raging Law of Maharashtra State will also be applicable.

• Candidates found admitted on false or incorrect information shall be expelled from the Institute and the fees will be forfeited

• Damage to the property of the Institute like tempering with fixtures, equipment’s, instruments, furniture, books, periodicals, wall paints, computers and machinery everything inside the campus, shall be viewed very seriously and might result in instant expulsion of the guilty student.

• Smoking, Drug addiction, Narcotics, Consumption of Alcoholic Drinks, Chewing Tobacco, Spitting, Writing on Walls, and any other evil habits are strictly prohibited in the premises of the Institute and Hostel.

• The Principal reserves the right to remove a student’s name from the roll call if he/she fails to pay the Institute’s dues like tuition fee, hostel dues, fines imposed to make good the damages/losses caused to the college property, etc in time.

• The Principal reserves the right to expel students, who include himself or herself in Anti-National activities from the Institute, without giving notice.

• Before the commencement of the examination he/she should pay his/her all dues and should complete the Journals, Term Work and Drawing Sheets in the prescribed manner in the specified time.

• In all matters pertaining to discipline, directives of the Principal shall be binding and final.

• The Institute reserves the right to change, amend, add or cancel any of the rule(s) mentioned above without giving any reason or notice in advance

• Combined undertaking in respect of ragging (available on college website) should be submitted on the day of admission to the administrative office.