Shikshan Prasarak Mandal (Since 1967)

Shikshan Prasarak Mandal's Polytechnic Kumathe, Solapur
(Established In 1998)

(Approved By AICTE New Delhi, DTE Mumbai & Recognized By Govt. of Maharashtra & Affilated to M.S.B.T.E. Mumbai)
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    SPM Polytechnic, Kumathe is dedicated to providing 3 Digital class board with an innovative and immersive learning environment, and our smart classroom facilities are at the forefront of this commitment. Designed to enhance the educational experience, our smart classrooms integrate cutting-edge technology to empower students and faculty with dynamic and interactive learning tools.

    Seamless wired connectivity is a key feature of our smart classrooms. Our smart classrooms are equipped with web-conferencing capabilities, allowing for virtual guest lectures, remote collaboration, and participation in webinars. This feature opens up opportunities for students to connect with experts in their field, irrespective of geographical constraints, enriching the learning experience beyond traditional boundaries.

   The smart classroom facilities at SPM Polytechnic, Kumathe transcend traditional teaching methods, offering an immersive and dynamic educational experience. With interactive displays, audio-visual integration, wireless connectivity, and a commitment to ongoing technological advancements, our smart classrooms empower students and faculty alike, fostering a culture of innovation and excellence in education.